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Our project

Our target is the party organizer. With our system, organizers would be able to manage the party-animals in their parties, and the party-animals to have a lot of features to enjoy their party even more!


  • Decide the next music, which will download it automatically using custom plugins, encode it, rename it for proper titles/author names, and import it into DJ software
  • Manage players (and disconnect them in case they abuse), put them in specific teams, manage teams
  • Add and remove points by player or points by team
  • Ask the questions you want, as a form. The questions can be open questions or closed ones (integer required, list of choices), like in Google Forms
  • Customize their website part (<djname>, including colors, backgrounds
  • Get a premium 24/7 access in case of downtime issue
  • Request musics, and see the requested musics to like them. The more likes the music has, the more chance it has to become the next music during the party
  • Take a look at your player points and your team points, instantly updated with the points the organizer may add to you
  • Answer forms / questions in live, so that they can be used by the organizer
  • See the current music being played
  • Write messages in a chatbot. You can ask questions, like « Where could I eat? » or « Where are the toilets?« . The chatbot would automatically answer you. It also serves as a global chat for people in the party to discuss/speak.

Our system is made with pages that are thought to be broadcasted (for screens & video projectors) and please the party-animals.

In a world where there is a lot of concurrency, organizers need to be unique!

The service is currently only available in English & French.

NFC Devices

For party-animals to connect, we need a system to authentify them into a party; without even force them to register, as this is not something they would want to do in a party.

To sort that issue, party-animals need to use a NFC device and plug it with their phone. NFC, for Near Field Communication, is a system often used, for example when purchasing in contactless.

We provide two possible devices: cards, and wristbands. Both of them work the exact same way.

Wrists (available in Blue, Black, Red & Green)

As we are in an ecological society which wants to limit waste, those devices are not made to be used once. To avoid that party-animals leave with those devices, we advise to consign them.

Each NFC device costs $1.99 per unit, for either a card or a wrist.

The Dorian’s Team

LOREK Dorian



Monthly subscriptions



A starter pack to test the product or organizing small group parties


> 20 players simultaneously connected




A powerful access to organize interesting parties with a first choice price


> 100 players simultaneously connected




The unlimited, premium package, with priority access to all our services


> Unlimited amount of players connected


The subscriptions don’t include any NFC device, so you need to deal without them or purchase them separately.

Contact us

If you want to contact us for any feature, any quote, or to purchase any NFC device, then feel free to click on the button below.

“I use this service with a Regular subscription since 3 months now, and I will for sure upgrade to Professional to enjoy even more!”


“The party-animals always tell me that my parties are unique, and this is for sure due to DorianSquare. Thanks for the work provided!”


“I have been very hesitant, thinking that people would never use the system and it would be a giant fail. It is not!”